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For ultra-high net worth clients holding or looking to acquire more than 100 BTC, Grand Decentral delivers an exclusive white glove service to help you take control of your Bitcoins and secure your wealth.

Grand Decentral knows that many families and funds need a guide to help them on their Bitcoin journey. We offer a high touch, highly tailored service that allows you to focus on what is important to you while we focus on ensuring the goals for your capital and heirs are executed. We cater to entrepreneurs, business owners, founders, executive-level officers, and ultra-high-net-worth families. We focus on first- and second-generation families, HNWI and funds that have either acquired or are interested in acquiring over 100 BTC.

Our Focus:

Investment Funds

Ultra High Net Worth Families

Executive Level Officers

Bitcoin-Native Businesses

Our Services:

Simplify your life. Let Grand Decentral handle your Bitcoin strategy so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Tailored Estate and Wealth Planning

We dig deep on establishing a self-custody plan that matches your goals for your wealth. We focus on tax efficiency and optimization of passing assets to the next generation.

Cold Storage and Multisig

We'll help you determine and implement a plan for backing up and securing your assets. Whether you need geographic redundancy, insurance for your coins, or a multisignature setup to spread out responsiblity across your organization, we're here to help.

Migrating to Self-Custody

Don't trust your coins to an exchange. Let us guide you through the process of moving your assets away from custodians and taking control of your financial destiny.

Hedging and Managing Volatility

We'll help you navigate the wild swings in the Bitcoin exchange rate and offer you ways to insulate yourself from volatility and market impact.

Family Governance and Education

We are here to help instill in younger generations the goals you have for your capital and coins. We help to teach beneficiaries how to be good stewards of capital all while trying to maintain assets for the next generation.

Liquidity Planning

When you're ready to sell your coins, we'll be right besides you. We help with tax and business strategy pre and post-sale. We work with estate and tax lawyers on your behalf to save you time on running your business or spending time with your family.

Educational Panel: Bitcoin Ossification

Educational Panel: Multisig Standards

Other appearances

Our principles are frequent guests on the TFTC podcast, and recurring hosts at The Bitcoin Conference. We also co-host the monthly meet-up 'Coin Based', where we do deep technical dives into Bitcoin topics with our amazing audience at Pubkey, NYC's only Bitcoin Bar.

Contact Us!

Whether you're a private family office looking to take custody of your coins or a financial institution that needs to bootstrap your own self-custody team that can pass the most stringent of audits, we're here to help.

You can reach out to us via e-mail at inquiries at granddecentral dot com or just click here to leave a message.